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Tower of Teas!
How could you resist our Tower of Teas?

Twelve teas and herbal infusions, each more delicious than the last, no matter the order in which you drink them. From our smooth and sweet Duchess' Dream to our subtle and floral Full Moon, we have a beverage for every mood and occasion. Do you need a tea for meeting the Ambassador from Budapest or something for spying on a particular foreign envoy? Perhaps a soothing herbal infusion to help you relax after a day of fighting ninjas with only stale scones? Enjoy twelve of our most popular teas and herbal infusions for any occasion at this special price.

​Contains full size tins of the following loose leaf beverages:

Contact Information
phone: (682) 936-6316
website: Tea Punk Home
Offer Valid: May 16, 2018May 31, 2018
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