Bookkeeper/ACH Coordinator/Courier

First National Bank
Job Description


Responsible for the input and maintenance of all ACH activities. Provides accurate and timely recording of all deposit accounts. Also returns unpaid checks from correspondent banks, branches or individuals customers to adjust and balance accounts. Backs up Customer Service by assisting customers and potential customers with their telephone requests, explains services, responds to problems and directs telephone calls to the appropriate area.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 35% Perform daily ACH processing. Verify that ACH credit entries have been posted to the customer accounts, all exceptions have been posted, the daily worksheet is in balance, and returns have been completed in compliance with ACH rules and regulations. Prepares ACH return(s) and Notice of Changes(s) for both banks. Processes all ACH reports. Must be knowledgeable of the ACH rule and apply them with accuracy. Assists customers and employees with returns while following the rules as states in ACH rules.

  • 25% Send and receive Cash Management. Process and notify customer of any Notice of Change or Returns within the time limitations as stated in the ACH rule book.

  • 15% Sorts returned checks into debit and credit groups, files copies of forms, exchanges checks received by mistake with representatives of other banks. Totals and balances checks and ACH rejects and/or Stop Pay orders making corrections and/or valid return entries within the Image Center and/or ACH menus.

  • 10% Visually examines checks to determine which checks to process, withholding any with no signature on file or forgeries for review by appropriate law enforcement official. Accurately prepares GL debit and credit forms for all returns with reason for return.

  • 10% Assists customers and employees with telephone calls, answers questions about products and services, resolves problems within their authority and refers problems that are beyond their authority to the next level supervisor with their recommendations.

  • 5% Answers the phone in an accurate, courteous, friendly and professional manner. Must develop knowledge and skill in the Customer Service area and also learn to troubleshoot and resolve customer and internal inquiries in a timely, friendly and accurate manner.

  • Must comply with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Patriot Act, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control, in addition to all company policies.

Knowledge and Skills


Six months to two years of similar or related experience, including time spent in preparatory positions.

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