Patrol Deputy

City of Granbury
Job Description

Enforces laws established for the protection of persons and property, by detaining, arresting, interrogating, and incarcerating suspected violators, and appearing as a witness at trials. Work is performed in uniform or civilian clothes and deputies are typically armed.

Essential duties and responsibilities
1. Enforce laws established for the protection of persons and property.
2. Process crime scenes for evidence; prepare cases for prosecution.
3. Respond to emergencies and prioritize dispatched calls on urgency.
4. Prepare and submit offense and incident reports in a legible and timely manner.
5. Conduct follow-up investigations.
6. Serve court papers.
7. Investigate cases.
8. Coordinate general law enforcement activities of an area.

Other important duties and responsibilities
1. Shall fulfill the employment standards of this position and comply with county policies, rules and procedures, including those set out in the employee handbook or otherwise communicated, (verbally or in writing), to employees.
2. Shall be able to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing with supervisor, co-workers and the general public.
3. Shall be able to operate an automobile and hold a current valid Texas driver’s license.
4. Shall be able to safely qualify with a firearm as specified by sheriff’s office policies and procedures, and maintain firearm proficiency.
5. Shall be able to communicate and effectively operate a mobile and hand held radio.
6. Shall be able to demonstrate and operate proficiency with a computer.
7. Shall be able to adequately demonstrate defensive and safe driving techniques as they relate to emergency operation of sheriff’s office vehicles.
8. Possess basic first aid knowledge as required by certification.
9. Self defense tactics.
10. Interview and interrogation techniques. 

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