General Manager

Braum's Ice Cream and Dairy Stores
Job Description

Braum's leaders execute the company's brand strategy and promote its vision, mission and values, resulting in a great customer experience and maximized sales. By recognizing the importance of our people, we can strengthen the team's contribution toward unit goals being achieved.  

  • Oversees the daily operations of Braum’s food service function, grocery market and fountain sales.

  • Monitors inventory and supply levels, kitchen equipment, safety and cleanliness as needed.

  • Ensures that Braum’s store policies and practices are implemented and followed accordingly.

  • Teaching, coaching and providing leadership to the store crew members and ensures that unit goals are achieved.

  • Provide an enhanced customer-centric culture that includes consistent guest service and food quality. 

If your work experience demonstrates the following traits/abilities we would like to hear from you:

  • Customer focus.

  • Work ethic with high standard for integrity.

  • Positive approach to training, developing and interacting with all levels of the store team.

  • Ability to build a successful team by building an environment of trust.

  • Ability to adapt to customer and employee needs as well as store environment conditions.

  • Can communicate effectively with leadership team members.

  • Ability to identify the most effective team alignment to enhance performance.

  • Follow-up and follow through discipline.

  • Initiate action and achieve goals.

  • Organized, detailed and able to follow practices/procedures.

  • Able to review, understand and analyze reporting results.

  • 3-5 years of running, managing and leading a retail store unit.

  • Associates Degree or some college preferred. 

  • Must be at least twenty one years old

  • Must have valid Driver License

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