Hood County COVID-19 Interim Update – 9/16/2021

This is an update based on numbers and concerns from reports received on positive cases in the community from DSHS for Hood County.
There are 871 Active Cases reported as of today.
We are at 164 total COVID-19 positive deaths reported by DSHS for Hood County residents. (28 new deaths since 7/20/2021)
We have tested a total of 82,857 citizens in Hood County. (This is total tests administered not individual’s tested)
24 currently reported local hospitalizations due to COVID-19, all other active cases have been directed to self-isolate at home.
Overall hospitalization rates for the Region and Hood County as of 9/16/2021.
TSA Regional Hospital Rate for confirmed COVID-19 is 22.80%
Regionally there are only 65 Adult ICU beds available and 4 PICU beds available.
100% of Hood County’s ICU beds are in use.
72.22% of Hood County’s ICU beds are COVID-19 positive.
38.10% of Hood County’s hospital capacity is COVID-19 positive.
Hood County is currently at a HIGH risk of COVID-19 transmission as of August 2, 2021.
The local Public Health Authority, in accordance with CDC and Texas DSHS recommendations encourages vaccination by everyone eligible (including teens 12 and older), mask wearing by individuals who have not been completely vaccinated against COVID-19 (including children over the age of 2), and continues to encourage social distancing as well.
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