Hood County Monthly COVID-19 Update - 12-03-2020, 8 am
Sadly, nine COVID-related deaths have been reported for Hood County residents since my last report on 10-29. Hospitalizations for confirmed COVID-positive patients have risen locally and active case rates have soared across the state and across Hood County in the past month, consistent with reports across North Texas. With 996 new confirmed cases in the past month, and the positive test rate greater than 22%, Hood County continues to have a SUBSTANTIAL risk of COVID-19 transmission.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released updated recommendations for the length of time COVID-19 close contacts should remain "quarantined" (isolated from others, away from public areas, work or school) today, 11-2-2020.  Under the supervision of a medical provider and with daily monitoring, the 14-day COVID quarantine period may be shortened to 7-10 days in contacts without symptoms and with negative COVID tests. Daily monitoring for COVID symptoms, close contact restrictions and mask use should continue after quarantine is over.  Risk of COVID transmission is estimated at 5-12% with a 7-day quarantine, and 1-10% with a 10-day quarantine. Shortening the 14-day quarantine period is not recommended in groups with high risk of close contact or significant health impacts.  Detailed guidance is on the CDC webpage:

This will be the most challenging flu season experienced in Hood County in decades due to COVID-19. COVID-19 is one of dozens of viruses that primarily spread by aerosol droplets that can contribute to severe illness or death, and from November through March we experience "flu season" when influenza and other influenza-like illnesses have the greatest impact on our community every year.  Thankfully, the efforts that prevent the spread of COVID-19 will also prevent the spread of influenza and other similar viruses, if followed.  CDC community mitigation strategy guidelines are found below.
2557 total COVID-19 cases have been reported to Texas Dept of State Health Services (DSHS) for Hood County residents since mid-March (1119 new cases reported in the month since the 10-29 report, an increase of 44%). We currently have 200 active cases hospitalized or under isolation (increased from 81 on 10-29), with a 22.8% positive test rate since last month (increased from 14.6%).
We currently have 16 COVID positive patients hospitalized locally, many in critical condition. 
We have a total of 31 COVID positive deaths reported for Hood County residents. 27/31 (87%) of the deaths were COVID-related (death directly complicated or caused by COVID-19 related illness). 29/31 (94%) were 60 years or older.
47 local COVID-19 PCR nasal swab tests (looking for active COVID-19 infection) are waiting for laboratory results.
Our TSA Regional Hospital Rate as of 12/2/2020 is 15.77%. .77% over the 15% threshold required by the state
Prevention is Key!

  • Social distancing is best - if you need to get close to others, "mask up"
  • COVER coughs and sneezes with a mask or a sleeve
  • Wash or sanitize hands and surfaces often
  • Get your flu shot to help prevent the spread of influenza-like illness
Review the Department of State Health Services "Open Texas," Hood County, and City of Granbury websites for the latest Executive Orders, reports and guidance on COVID-19:
GISD updates available at the below link:
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