‘Superior Water’ achievement signs being erected

Granbury, TX – City Council has approved the installation and maintenance of roadside signs that recognize Granbury’s “Superior” water rating from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).
Earlier this year the TCEQ awarded the designation “…in view of the high standards of water service made available to the residents of The City of Granbury...We appreciate The City of Granbury's existing high standard of waterworks operation and continuing effort toward maintaining this level of public health protection and customer service,” wrote Steven Swierenga, Manager of the Drinking Water Special Functions Section, Water Supply Division, TCEQ.
“This designation is a result of the ongoing hard work of the City’s Public Works Staff,” said Rick Crownover, Director of Public Works. “We have had no major water violations over the past five years. We have also sent in water samples each month, which have been within permit limits.”
In the near future, signs indicating Granbury’s status as a city with “Superior” water will be erected on major roads at the entrances to the city.
“I’m grateful to the 24/7/365 work of our City Staff to achieve and maintain Superior water quality in the city,” said Chris Coffman, City Manager. “It’s a service we depend upon constantly, yet sometimes take for granted.”


PHOTO CUTLINE: Granbury Mayor Jim Jarratt (right) congratulates (from left) Rick Crownover, Director of Public Works, J.G. Brite, Water Treatment Superintendent, and Jason Barber, Assistant Public Works Director/Utilities for the “Superior” water rating designation attained by the City of Granbury. Signs, similar to this one will be erected at various places in the city.